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This section of the website is designed for members of Cleveland Beekeepers Association to offer items relating to beekeeping for private sale or exchange. It is not open to commercial suppliers or the general public. Listing on this site (which is free to members and usually for one month ) does not imply any endorsement by the association of the items offered, however it is expected that items will be of serviceable quality, clean and where appropriate sterilized, nuclei and bees should be of good temperament, with a marked queen and conform to fera guidelines.

          Adverts will only be accepted if submitted here.



New Stock at old prices plus 12oz.
The Association has again bulk purchased honey jars. Both 1lb and 1/2 lb jars with gold coloured lids are available in any quantity at 30p each (21.60 box of 72). Also this year 12oz hexagonal jars (singly or on trays of 33 - 9.90). Spare 1lb lids 10p.

From : Billy Ellerington Tel 07516 341420


For Sale

BB Wear Bee Suite (large) Requires new elastic to cuffs, leather gloves 25
BB Wear Bee Suit (XL) Requires new elastic to cuffs, leather gloves 25
One Copper Smoker and hive tool 15. Two used National hives: Queen excluder, Open Mesh Floor, Brood Box, 2 x Supers, Crown Board and Roof. 60 each.
A new National hive: Queen excluder, Open Mesh Floor, Brood Box, 2 x Supers, Crown Board and Roof. The brood box has been assembled and has some frames in, the supers are still awaiting making up. 90.
Offers for the whole lot or individual hives. Free, some unmade frames and a feeder for a job lot sale

From: Martin Wolstenholme, 01740 631797


2 x Commercial Triple Stock Mating Hives. Includes floor, divider boards, crown boards, new frames and foundation. No Roofs - 10 each

Free to a good home - 5 pressed steel queen excluders

          From : Steve Jacklin 07769 660133


For Sale

“Keeping Bees - a Complete Practical Guide” by Paul Peacock. A good beginners guide. 5 ono

Ancient and antique smoker!! - no guard. Free or donation to CBKA

From Julie Saxton 07818 440623


For Sale on behalf of former members who have sadly passed away.

Full Bee suit with spaceman style hood. Size medium. Worn, with some staining. 20

          From : Steve Jacklin 07769 660133


For Sale to members Only

Colony of Bees in National Hive. Very nice gentle Bees. 2016 Marked Queen. Hive includes Open Mesh Floor, Stand, Apex roof, Queen Excluder and Crown board.  250 available from the 7th April.

National Hive with frames, foundation, Open Mesh Floor, Stand, Roof and Crown board. 50

          From : Steve Jacklin 07769 660133


FOR SALE - WBC Hive .Comprises four lifts, one with porch, roof with sheet aluminium cover, floor with plastic legs and varroa floor, painted white.One new brood body, two new shallow bodies. One old brood body, three old shallow bodies. Plastic queen excluder. 200

From : Tom Rettig 01642 596158


FOR SALE -The Association has been donated 3 supers,1 glass quiltand 1 crown board, all WBC.Offers please - all monies go to the association.

          From : Steve Jacklin 07769 660133


FOR SALE -The Association has again a small quantity of honey buckets. These are a set of two recycled food grade buckets with lids one with a honey valve. 10.00

From : Graham Clarke Tel 01642 871765   web@teesbees.co.uk